Made an enormous 60x70 inch print at lightwork lab today.

Come see it at my BFA thesis exhibition next week!

Lightwork got fancy new ID cards

This was a series of images I turned in for critique my freshmen year of college. 

I completed a major  goal I’ve had since entering school, producing a book of my own photography. 

I’m  impressed with the quality of the printing, and the printing service I used gave me results above and beyond my expectations. 

You can see a copy of the book at the BFA thesis showing on 4/23/14 at Spark Gallery

The series in it’s entirety is also available on my website (, but print media is vastly superior to viewing online. 

Thanks for the follows and support

Oh, and my good buddy Chris Triguax took these awesome product shots for me. (

Come on out to our show. 

It should be fun!

Spark Art Space. 4/23/14 7-11pm

Chris and the Mountain. Rocky Mountain National Park

From a contact sheet

P.S. The purple in the trees on the mountain isn’t due to poor color correction. During my trip to the rockies, a large number of trees had been killed by mountain pine beetles, causing dead trees, and a purpleish hue.

Soon We Won’t Be Here

Hello internet friends, my senior thesis work, titled ‘Soon We Won’t Be Here’ is available on my website! It’s a series of 32 color photographs, and represents two years of my work here at Syracuse University. Check it out!

Ellie and the dead deer. Tully, NY