A bit of a P.S. to the previous blog post:

I’ve got a whole new work station set up, ready for some post production. 

Some photos of people waiting for transportation & BLOOGGGGGGGGGG

I haven’t been posting anything recently! 

I’ve been busy at work! I am part of a team producing a series of short documentaries about scholar research and current events. My photo stream may be a little light in the coming months, but I will be posting videos that I work on. I realize that it’s quite a shocking change in content. 

Oh, and I’m now living in Washington DC. I have an apartment near Logan Circle in downtown. Come say hi. 

Hey, folks. I got a silver award in this cool photography contest out of San Francisco. You can see my image in the winners gallery here. You gotta scroll to the veryyyy bottom to see it, though.

Gotta start somewhere, I guess.


Ellie on the cliff. Great Falls, MD. 

I can take cheesy photos If I want. 

I know that none (and I mean really none) of you particularly care about political event photos, but I figured I’d make one post regarding my new job.

Part of my job at the Brookings Institute in Washington DC is to document  events here. Here are a few photographs from an event today. 


Unexpected visit from Brian Schutmaat today. Nice times chatting about life and our radically different approaches to photography. 

Two of my favorite photographers in one tumblr post.